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European Marketing & Development Team
The co-operation with our European Marketing & Development team ensures a clear and easy communication between customers and Contac Cable. This results in 4 significant advantages:
Market knowledge
Contac Cable constantly on top of the latest developments and trends regarding Audio, Video and Multi Media. Our European specialists have years of experience in the market, which gives us a clear view of your demands and expectations. We guarantee optimum quality.
Clear communication
Contac Cable will keep you totally informed on the production process. You will know the exact status of your order.
Production and delivery
Contac Cable manufactures products according to agreed specifications and planning. We deliver your orders on time.
In house design
Our development team will design products and packaging according to your demands. It is also possible to provide us your own designs. We will carefully check your designs in advance so you will be ensured nothing goes wrong during the production process.