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Contac Cable is a well-known cable manufacturer, operating on the marked for many years. Contac Cable is fast growing and equipped with modern production facilities. Since 2001, the Contac Cable factory has been re-established in the Kong Chi Tai o Industrial Area in Guangdong, China.

Our current production facility is an area of 7500 square metre, with a dedicated staff of more than 400 people.

Contac Cable is co-operating with an experienced Marketing and Development Team in Europe, and therefor ahead in terms of product- and packaging design, carefully targeting trends and developments in your market.

Our experienced European team will handle communication between you and Contac Cable. The team and the management in the factory have short lines of communication to guarantee maximum efficiency and fast decision making.
Our Product Range:
- Medical Instrument Cable Assemblies
- PU Cable Assemblies
- AV Cable Complied with toy safety Requirement
- Cable Assemblies for Computer Systems (PC Laptop)
- Cable Assemblies for Telecommunications
- Optical Cables
- Audio Cables
- Video Cables
- Scart Cables
- Musical Instrument Cables
- Microphone Cables
- USB Cables
- Printer Cables
- FireWire Cables
- DVI Cables
- HDMI Cables
- Speaker Cables
- Coaxial/Satellite Cables
- Network Cables
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